Make your lessons an adventure!

Design a journey of knowledge for your heroes

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Gamifica! Improves the results and the classroom experience of your students

Work in teams

Achieves goals in a cooperative way

Quick and easy

Intuitive configuration and accessible to all levels

100% distractions free

Master your universe being firm and fair

Fun guaranteed

Immerse your students through challenges, riddles and levels to achieve

It's Totally Free!

Everything is free of charge, we only accept collaborations for improvements in the platform

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Now you can use FantasyClass in different subjects and share classrooms, groups, cartas …

Create your Universe of learning

FantasyClass will allow you to create your content placed in any period: you will be able to define cards, levels, groups, story, challenges, etc. Get involved in the creation of your Universe as much as you want and invite your students to be the heroes of your adventure.

Manage teams

The heroes may be able to get experience and gold to improve their skills.

Prepare amazing activities

Create challenges and goals for your heroes in class. Will they succeed?

Control the game economy

Control your Universe and put at the disposal of your student aid and objects.

Make classes more fun

Do your classes, and monitor your heroes.


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